What are developers able to be doing to promote their App outside of what is available in the App Store?

Jul 11, 2024

The attraction of apps that are distributed quickly fades once developers recognize that online stores such as Google Play and Apple Store are a large amount of profits.

This isn't an insignificant figure that's as high as 30. It's a huge expense and has led to developers looking for other options. The good thing for those like you is the possibility to advertise your app, without having to share the revenue from the streaming media.

In this post, we'll examine a method by which developers can avoid the cost of 30 percent paid to developers through Google Play and Apple Store.

Let's take a dip.

Prior to examining alternative options to distribute apps We'll look at how the most popular applications function.

As we've already pointed out earlier, Google Play and Apple Store have been responsible for nearly three quarters of the revenues of each app sold via their store. It's not the only issue with distribution on these platforms.

Most of the applications accessible on the market include distributors that sell products. There's an array of apps that are distributed via two sites. The other problem is how do the distributors ensure their products stand out?

Aha! Advertising is a must, naturally.

As well as the fee of $30, the advertisers are responsible for the exposure of their app. An investigation of one example highlighted the true cost of advertising within applications. The company took a 10-k budget and divided it among four advertising networks:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Advertisements originate from the iAds network

Prices per installation varied starting at $1.43 and up to $5.36.

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When we compare the costs of this service to the distribution fees that are typical, we see that developers are seeking alternative options. The majority of the top downloaded applications, like Spotify and Netflix are available on Play and The App Store. Instead of having the distributor handle the billing, these apps have created their own billing platforms for their subscriptions.

Businesses such as Epic Games have taken matters to themselves by making Fortnite, the game that is world famous Fortnite only available for download on their website and on the Samsung Store. They've also earned an enviable 30% charge that major distributors are charging.

Other benefits of sellers who sell outside of the Google Play and Apple Store are

  • Third party distributors do not have to in order to pay for listing in apps. Third-party distributors may assist in promoting your products better because you stand a greater possibility of being featured as the app of the week or as part of promotional initiatives.
  • Alternatives have a higher chance of success over Google or Apple stores, especially if the owner of the app uses localized software that specifically target particular countries.

But, there's a number of advantages in making apps accessible through Google Play and Apple Store. They're not just thought of by consumers as safe download websites however, it's also simple to share apps using these channels.

At the time Christian Tietze started selling his items on the internet he was searching for ways to make cash and also be more in control.

Tietze wrote about his experiences in an entry on his blog website. Tietze had a number of problems when selling his products via the Mac App Store, including: Mac App Store, which includes:

  • Cost of revenue 30 percent (excluding VAT)
  • You can't provide a demo
  • You can't provide upgrade pricing
  • It's difficult to become acquainted with your customers.

He began to look for ways to market outside Mac App Store. Mac App Store.

"Distributing via The App Store can be easy since everyone is able to access your application and upgrade and download the app through one central location," Tietze says.

"On another aspect, it is the fact that you'll be liable for losses for each deal. Additionally that you'll be subject to the strict supervision of App Store guidelines in relation to Sandboxing You are not able to create special offers or in the event Apple closes your account on the App Store and the company could shut down.

"This doesn't happen often However this could be the case. "

Tietze states that his developer (and several other independent developers) is deciding to publish applications they create using their own platforms. Tietze uses the platform to market the app, and it also provides ways to offer discounts and sales at a discount with a fixed price as well as an API to store owners that is specific to his requirements.

" offers a free trial of the storefront's online presence and in the app every time you make a purchase in the app. It is an excellent occasion to test whether your payment method works and also whether the status of your application changes from "locked" to "paid," he declares.

The wrapping up

Regarding the software and distribution options for developers, it is evident changes in the market.

In the past, the two major gamers on the field of app development, Google Play and Apple Store were the sole two gamers with all the chips. If developers were looking to give their app the chance to be successful, they'd only have one option: distribution of apps to the platforms with a 30% percent fee.

App developers are taking control of their applications and the revenue streams.

If you opt to make use of our full-service partners to market your app direct to your site or let them be accessible via different storefronts, you have different options that you can use to promote your product. If you're seeking to connect with those in areas that are hard to reach as well as offer your application to employees of your organization or give users access to the app immediately. The possibilities are unlimited.

Keep in mind the fact that Google Play and Apple Store have been a massive success since millions around the world have been awed with the features they provide. Because of the large number of applications that are downloaded from numerous distribution channels daily it's clear the ease of users choosing the top apps to download.

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