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Jul 4, 2024

Fantastic videos require similarly awesome strategies to help you get your message out to audience. These six video marketing techniques can be used by beginners as well as experienced professionals.

It's been 15+ hours creating, editing and shooting another video to be uploaded to your channel on YouTube.

This one needs greater attention for it to produce leads or the sales you're seeking to prove the two days of work that were put into it.

Do not be scared -- gaining this kind of views, and the money generated by them will be exactly what we'll help soon with our video marketing strategies that anyone can use.

Each of them is easy enough for a novice, yet tested and proven enough that even large brands can benefit from.

Let's get started.

6 video marketing strategies for solopreneurs

1. Share your video beyond YouTube

The first video marketing strategy is to expand your social media networks to include more than YouTube.

Sure, YouTube is a great place to show off your videos, however, it's only one of the pillars within your video marketing plan. The other pillars also require assistance.

In particular, Instagram is worth checking for if you are looking for an online platform that supports different video formats. Instagram permits you to upload four main types of video that include:

Videos which are at least 60 seconds long

Stories which are 15 minutes or less

Instagram TV (IGTV) YouTube videos that have a maximum running time of 15 to 60 minutes  according to how you upload them

Instagram Live as its name suggests are live streams

If you're just beginning to learn about Instagram Stories can be the most simple format to start using.

This is a very well-liked type of video, which is why over 500 million Instagram accounts utilize Stories daily. Additionally, they're much easier to create than other Instagram videos as the duration of a Story is only fifteen minutes.

When it comes to video content is concerned, it is possible to use Stories to present an extract from one of your online course lessons to share an interesting fact or advice of the day or even ask your followers queries to conduct research on your customers.

In the same way, Instagram is also available. You have the option of making use of the sister website, Facebook.

Nearly 2.6 billion active monthly users , Facebook video formats can be used to reach an enormous audience.

Just publish recorded videos on Facebook or use Facebook Live to live streaming to viewers.

If you're searching for one who's executing this plan, look no further than Mari Smith , who's a Facebook marketing specialist. She regularly posts educational videos on her Facebook page.

Are her views are popular? No. They're actually engaged, and the participation far exceeds opinion every day.

Other than Instagram in addition to Instagram and Facebook There is also the option to create or reuse videos that are posted through Pinterest as video pins. Like, for instance, this video pin by Cara Chace .

The concept behind it is:

If you already have videos posted on your site, it's possible to get more people interested via moving to other platforms than YouTube. Facebook as well as Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms. Facebook are two of the top choices. You shouldn't exclude other sites such as Pinterest or TikTok also.

You can increase the number of your viewers by reuse of your existing video content for various channels.

However, it's not only for platforms that you publish to, you need to test it with the kind of things you post also. I'll explain this in the next article.

#2. Test different formats to your videos

There's a style we love in terms of content. It's been tested and tried as reliable, and it's at ease.

Additionally, it is a great chance of growing in a stagnant.

And stagnation is a guaranteed way to stop your audience from increasing. You should break out of your comfort zone at least once a month and try out a different style and find out what it could accomplish for you.

You may find it resonates higher than you'd expect.

For instance, how-to videos that explain how to do things like tutorials, hacks, and other tutorials are extremely popular among the majority of millennials (46 percent) as well as Gen Zers and Gen Zers. These are great ways to convince potential customers to believe in you as well as to be part of the sales funnel.

This is exactly the type of concept that 60 Second Docs taps into to create informative documentaries about various subjectsfor example, this video about embroidering cat pictures and others that run 60 seconds long.

In addition, Kroger shared this video on setting up a food stand to mark Super Bowl Sunday.

The commercial of Kroger focuses on foods viewers could prepare prior to the occasion. Instead of explicitly referring to their products in the video however, they've saved some specific details that will be added to the caption on the blog post, which helps the brand avoid selling over the top.

That's not to say that you shouldn't incorporate sales information into your video content. If you plan to make videos to market your products as well as your business, you can tweak the story your video is telling so that it's not a specifically aimed at selling.

For instance, Blendtec , which created the "Will It Blend?" video series for YouTube.

Blendtec blends various common objects into Blendtec's blender. This, on the surface, is attractive to viewers. However, the videos serve as demonstrations of Blendtec's Blendtec blender.

There's no doubt about Blendtec's stance -- they're certain to advertise their products however, because it's presented in engaging, top-quality and entertaining content. The perception is of indirect advertisement rather as a subtle aside.

Each of the videos running under four minutes and at over 190,000 views, this is clearly a success.

Let's see what this boils to:

If you're trying to advertise something and you're trying to do it via YouTube, try an entirely new format Do not be afraid to try formats you've never encountered previously.

Make sure that you are aware of the format you're using or the site you're submitting to make sure that your message is short and succinct.

This is what the people want.

#3. Make videos that are short with informative and engaging openings

Videos with long lengths can be essential to your marketing strategy, but generally speaking, it is recommended to create shorter videos packed with details, not longer ones.


The trend for short videos is currently. The median length of a video was 4.07 minutes in 2018.  which was 73% of all videos being less than 2 minutes long.

The short lengths won't offer an ample space to spread your message or attract attention, but.

One way around this hurdle is to make the message more clear in your video content. This way, you can convert customers even if they only go through your video content for a brief time.

The most crucial thing to take into consideration is incorporating a captivating and interesting opening. This is achieved by asking an inquiry to the audience which instantly piques their curiosity. In other words, hook the viewers in your video's opening.

This is the method that creators Kara as well as Nate use to start the video about what they'd like to accomplish when they've achieved their goal of visiting 100 countries.

In the first episode, Nate shares that he isn't sure what his future plans are. The viewers are enticed to keep watching to find out what possibilities Kara and Nate have in mind.

Similar to what Clark Kegley does in his instructional video on journaling to novices, an alternative is to use the opening lines to explain what your video will cover and what lessons viewers could take from the content. You can use it to tease viewers.

If you're bold and want for your content to be slightly more thrilling and hold your readers' attention do not even say a word instead, make use of images to inform readers about the content to come.

For instance, Insider opens their documentary about Iceland's Blue Lagoon cosmetics with footage of an individual applying a mud masque without any even a word.

If you've caught the viewers with your presentation, immediately present your thoughts so that viewers can get answers to their questions as fast as is possible.

If you're creating instructional or fun videos, make sure that you're able to maintain a constant stream of engaging and short videos instead of lengthy videos that aren't punchy.

If you want to keep your flow, make sure to post videos regularly.

#4. Maintain consistency and your brand consistent

If you don't wish for your content to vanish ensure that you update your content often, giving people greater chances of being drawn to your content.

It's clear that there's plenty of plenty of videos available which can be a threat. Indeed, more than 500 hours worth of video are published on YouTube each minute.

To make your mark in your many other fields, become an authoritative source to your clients by creating and publishing consistently.

Develop a consistent calendar for publishing that is known too. It's possible to define when and how often you post, similar to the method Alley Bakes utilizes on her header for her YouTube channel.

It's a fact that you must use your statements. So, if you look over the uploaded history and observes your cadence, you will be able to declare it in your channel's head.

For instance, on the Learning French on Alexa' s YouTube channel, it's simple to see that she is posting about three times a per week.

If coming up with fresh videos that you could frequently post isn't a priority to you, consider recycling non-video content (like informationgraphics or blog posts) in order to convert them into video.

Begin with the most popular types of content to improve your chances of producing videos that resonate with the viewers you want to reach. You will also be able to stay away from going back to your drawing board each when you're looking for new content ideas.

If you're in search of another option for content but you should consider incorporating UGC (UGC) videos onto the YouTube channels you have. As 79% of users believe that UGC can have a major impact on the way they shop It's a great option.

While we're on the topic of how your brand influences buying purchases, it's important to keep your branding consistent as well. Congruity is among the most effective branding strategies used by entrepreneurs. Let's look at why.

A consistent design, including your color scheme and fonts, can help viewers identify and choose your video in comparison to other videos in the result page.

Many of Tasha Leelyn her thumbnails, for example, have her thumbnails with a gold and pink hue, as well as a bubble cursive font and a general vibrant feel.

This adds to the cohesion of her channel and making her an unforgettable image for her loyal viewers.

In the end, putting out regular content and keeping the same brand image across your videos could be the most effective video marketing techniques for small businesses.

It's not just about the calendar for publishing or branding however. It's also important to provide your customers value and include an CTA that brings us to our following tip to make the most value from your marketing budget by using videos.

#5. Make sure to include the worth of your product and the call to action

In order to earn the trust of customers and also earn their money, it is essential to offer them regularly-updated, useful, actionable and relevant videos.

Every video you upload gives you the chance to earn the trust of a prospective customer and lead them through your sales funnel through actions.

If, for instance, you've piqued the interest of your viewers You can ask them to watch the video again, subscribe to your channel, subscribe to your email list or buy the product.

But to get viewers to take action You'll have include an explicitly CTA.

Find out the ways I create items! features a clickable screen-to-end feature in the final segment of the video regarding building the treehouse. This video will make viewers want to watch two other videos and join the YouTube channel they have on.

The CTA lets viewers know the next step as well as the video clickable elements simplify the process.

In this instance, Home Organizing by includes a hyperlink to a landing page that features a item she'd like her viewers to look at.

It is possible to follow the footsteps of Alejandra's and I Like to Make Stuff's channels. add an explicit CTA towards the end of the video, so your viewers are aware of what they need to do.

If you're worried about coming across as pushy or salesy when you include the CTA within your video (provided the video is 90% or more not selling content) Don't be.

People don't mind CTAs. In reality, 45% of adults think that videos with CTA can be beneficial.

Furthermore, 53% of adults are able to interact with businesses after a viewing of videos on social media, whether it's going to their site or doing additional studies. It's a simple win for companies to integrate CTAs in their videos.

Optimizing your videos to work with every search engine and platform -- the last recommendation -- will also help in attracting and converting more viewers, increasing your earnings.

#6. Use YouTube SEO as well as video SEO best methods

Our final tip today is to include SEO in the video that the video you're marketing.

If you are able to improve the quality of your video, search engines such as Google and YouTube are more likely to endorse them.

As far as we are aware, Google has a section of the results page that is exclusively dedicated to video-related results as you can see in the following illustration.

and YouTube at the at the end of the day the visual search engine.

Based on Alexa , YouTube is the second most popular site in the world and is able to receive nearly 16 percent of its traffic through search engines, which makes the process of optimizing your YouTube page's video content extremely essential to YouTube to promote your video to searchers.

Besides, an impressive 80 percent of YouTube users declare that they regularly go to YouTube videos which have been recommended by YouTube Therefore, getting an endorsement from YouTube is certainly worthwhile.

In light of those and other reasons you should consider stepping up your YouTube and video SEO game for a better return on investment from your video marketing.

The first step is to identify the words you'd like to target. Make use of YouTube SEO tools such as TubeBuddy or Keyword Tool for finding the keywords you'd like to incorporate in your video's description.

As the next step, you should include your desired keyword -- or an approximate match with your name within the subject line.

Do not be concerned in case you aren't able to fit your target keyword in fully. A typical is 38%-45 per cent of your content will rank for an specific match phrase.

While using an exact match keyword may help you achieve higher rankings on the web, it's not going to assure an increase in rank.

In addition to using keywords in the title of your post, you should make it as short as possible. A study showed that the videos in the top 20 search results were comprised of between 47 to 48 characters on the average.

Don't shy away from using keywords in the title of your YouTube videos too.

A different research has revealed the positive relationship when keywords are used which are broad (or partially used keywords) in descriptions as well as the ranking of the video.

Also, ensure that you focus your descriptions on information and short. The descriptions that range from 300 and 350 words proved to be the most effective according to a study conducted recently.

Do not forget to incorporate keywords into the tags of your YouTube video. The same study above revealed a positive correlation between inclusion keywords in tags as well as YouTube rankings.

It sounds as if quite a lot of it, but I'm sure. It certainly could be particularly in the beginning as you're at the beginning of your learning.

However, even though it takes some time and planning in the beginning, having your videos optimized for search engines will be a huge benefit later on.

Make use of these six video marketing strategies to skyrocket the sales of your business.

The beginning of video marketing may be difficult, and your initial videos may not turn out as you expected.

If you remain focused on giving the most worth to your viewers Your skills -- as well as confidence- - will improve as time passes.

If you're interested in leveraging your video content to improve the brand's visibility and sales, consider these techniques for marketing with video that are easy to learn:

#1. Test different social platforms for the purpose of expanding the reach of your business.

#2. Explore different video formats as well, in order to figure out which one resonates the most effectively with your intended audience.

#3. Be sure to keep your videos brief and full of interesting facts. It is also important to ensure you've got a powerful hook in the intro.

#4. You should ensure that you update your videos regularly and maintain your logo across video to establish credibility with the people who view your videos.

#5. Fill your videos with as much value as possible. And then, end with an captivating CTA.

#6. Use video SEO to make sure that your videos are optimized for each device.

Happy creating -- and selling.

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