How do you create a site you're proud of in a matter of minutes at no cost

Jul 11, 2024

This step-bystep guide will show you how to make an online presence for your company of a small size that is as authentic and appealing as the business you are.

"I believe I have to... create an online website," you think to yourself. It's exhausting and you're tired from the 6 month, 6-figure programming task in front of you.

It's true that you're on the right track in one aspect. It's necessary to possess a web-based site. It is my pleasure to inform you that establishing your own website doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. You don't have to be stressful or even terrifying. It's available for no cost.

Your site is a storefront for your business. Your site serves as your private web page that allows you to reach the individuals that you would like to contact and interact with customers to bring in sales, and showcase your expertise. It is possible to design and control without jarring advertisements or algorithms that are designed to capture your readers' attention.

The process of setting up a site to its first time, or even updating the website, in the event that it has a previous one, could be a massive chore. It's essential to be a web developer or graphic designer copywriter photographer - but all are you looking for is to be able to do is manage your online business.

That's why I put together this instructional guide to set your own website for free, beautiful, and won't take a hundred years to create - meaning you'll be able to continue doing what you enjoy the best.

Through the entire article, you'll see videos that show you how to create your website step-by-step. I've been wanting to make websites for one of my favorite activities that is planning my trips. I'm going to build my new site with you. So you'll know exactly what steps you need to follow and come up with ideas to create your own page.

There's lots to be done and we'll get into the process. Up first, what tool do you use to build an online presence?

Selecting the right site builder for your company

It was the case that setting up a website meant hiring developers, completing programming courses and then set up all kinds of tech behind the back. It's still true today if you want to do it, however, thankfully it's no longer necessary.

Website builders permit you to design what you want without coding. It is possible to set up your website pages using a visual approach by moving elements around in the way you like and then click publish.

Certain web builders also come with additional features to aid you in running your business online including the integration of digital tools, such as content management and email marketing software.

There are four excellent web builders worth considering beginning by my personal favorite:

There's nothing to be surprised about this! This all-in-one tool is designed to run your web-based innovative company. In just two days, it's easy to establish the landing page, website, blog, email list online courses, digital items along with affiliates as well as everything else you require to begin and expand your company.

Your website, blog and landing pages are included on the free plan as well as a myriad of stunning pre-built web pages that are available for download - no programming or prior experience with design. Webhosting, your SSL certificate, as well as a free domain are included.

Although WordPress is free however you need to pay for hosting for your site as well as your domain. Next, select an appropriate hosting service, create an account, install WordPress and then add your themes and plug-ins, to ensure your website's functioning.

is the most effective site building tool available to assist small business owners, and established entrepreneurs, as it develops as you do.

  • Create a free website
  • Offer products for sale on our free plan
  • Create a blog that has unlimited pages for landing
  • Upgrade to add additional options (like affiliates and classes) at the time you're ready. Get my free account --

When you've chosen your website builder, the next step is to think about what you would like the website to convey.

It is the process of creating content for your website

It's tempting to dive straight into the latest site builder. (Anyone else love tinkering?) It's important to take time to plan your activities, which makes the process of setting up more smoothly. Set aside between one and two hours in order to do the following things:

Find out about your target audience.Who is your ideal customer or readers? Find out the most relevant people and consider who specifically you'd love to collaborate with. Go towards YouTube, Reddit, Google reviews, or any other social media sites and look up questions that are common in addition to desires and pain points. It can be used as a reference in your website copy.

Select your branding components: makes it super easy to customize the fonts and colors so that your website appears as you are. Pick the colors you want to use for your branding or choose one of the palettes of colors that you are integrated into . If you've got an image, logo or headshots, as well as other elements for your business, make sure you collect them now as well.

Design a structure for your website:Decide what pages you would like to showcase on your website for business. The majority of people find that these core pages are an excellent place to begin:

Home Page

About page

Site for Products and Services

Pro tip: Start by adding smaller amounts - you'll have the option to add more later.

Copy your content on this page.It's helpful to have an concept of what you'd like to say on each page while setting up your content in your web builder. The draft doesn't have to be your final copy however it may help understand how the layout of your website and the content will function.

Once you've come up with the plan, now is the time to put up your website. Do not be concerned if you alter your mind during the process, that's totally acceptable. The base is the one you'll use to take this step.

Let's build your own site!

The day you've been waiting for. After you've chosen the website builder of your choice and drafted your strategy now is the time to create your personal website. It doesn't need any web development expertise required.

It's the version I'm using for my website using the template below. Join us for a no-cost account and we can get to know you better .

Create your main website pages

Let's start by opening the homepage of your website. Click on "Site" in addition to "Edit the page." It should show the page almost empty. When you click on the page, you'll be able to see an enlarged plus symbol. Click it to open the editing menu on the left-hand side.

From the menu on the left, you'll have the option to pick which sections you'd like to add. has pre-made sections that include texts, photos and testimonials as well as FAQs, products features, CTAs, email sign-ups and every other thing you'll need. You can alter the content and design of every section you create with the help of the left-hand sidebar.

For this basic homepage we can add these sections.

Text hero that says what the mission of your business is.

An interactive grid that highlights your product or service

Bio to information about you

Email opt-in form

However, there's plenty to accomplish using this. After you've logged in on your profile, you'll gain access to additional categories like featured items along with categories. At present, however the page is simple and works great.

When you've created the sections of your website's homepage that you'd like to incorporate you should ensure that your website's look and behaves exactly as yours. Select the "Design" menu located at the top of the menu. You can modify your site's color scheme, fonts, width and buttons. You can also change your images as well as padding. These modifications will affect everywhere so your pages all seem to be unified.

In the video below, I'll set up my homepage on my website for road trips.

Follow these steps to create the About Page, Product page and Services page, or another page you want to have on your website.

For new pages to be created To create new pages, select on"Add New Page" at the very high point of the sidebar on the left. Click "Add New Page" to add a new page. Click the button next to the new page in order to modify the URL, as well as the name of your webpage.

Create a blog on your website to attract new viewers

Inside, choose "Blog" from the upper navigation menu to turn the blog feature absolutely free.

You'll then see four sample posts loaded into the blog's page for posts. It is possible to delete them and then add your personal blog post.

Return to the website editor, and you'll be able to view two more pages in the left-hand sidebar. you'll see a "Blog" page and a "Blog posts" page. Click on each one to modify the layout of your own blog post, as well as the homepage of your blog.

In the video below I'll show you how to set up my road trip blog step by step, so you'll understand how to navigate

Another reason to consider a blog is that it will give you many ways to interact with your reader members and get discovered online.

When people search for the topics you write about, your blog may be in the search results that show up. This is a good way to attract new readers as well as make use of featured articles as well as sign-up forms for email subscribers within the blog to boost revenue, as well as staying in touch.

Need some blogging tips? These articles can help:

Make sure you have an email newsletter set up to keep you connected

Although it's good to draw new users to your website but it's quite another to maintain their interest in your company's appearance.

(If you're on a different website platform or wish to use an alternative mail provider for your site, you can make use of integrations for linking to every aspect.)

You can add email sign-up forms on your website by using the "Email form" as well as the "Slim mail form" sections, and you can also create the landing page of your newsletter email to ensure that the recipients don't miss the message.

If you want to create a website to allow email marketing, you need to know the steps to take:

Go back to the editor of the website, and create a brand new page

Simply click the plus icon on the screen, and create an email sign-up form.

In the text area in the text areas, inform people about what they can expect in the event that they sign up for your email newsletter. What can they expect to get? Design something that will be interesting to them.

If you'd like to, you could create additional pages similar to your bio section, FAQ, or perhaps a section for questions.

After your website is put up and prepared, we'll place your header on it within an time of an hour.

Below is the video in order that you are able to be able to follow along:

By incorporating your digital items, you can earn money

It's straightforward to incorporate products that are sold only one digital download and one coaching product with the basic plan. If you'd prefer to sell more products through your website (like webinars, classes with unlimited downloads and unlimited coaching materials) You can move to the Mover plans and get unlimited everything.

For creating your own digital product, click on "Products" and then click "New Product" on the top menu. Select the product type you'd like to add and afterwards, you can modify the information such as description of the title, featured images, prices availability, categories, and the files that are included.

(Make sure that you include photos and brief descriptions of the product as's web builder will display this information automatically to make it easier for you to save time.)

When you are working on your site, you can show the "Featured", "Products," and "Categories" sections to showcase the products you sell.

It creates an automatic sale page that is exclusive for each item. You can customize them too. For your product's sales pages it is possible to go until"Products" in the "Products" section on your site's builder and then click on the name of your product to alter it. After that, you can add sections, content and elements of design in the same manner as you would on your home page as well as your main pages.

Your blog pages are live. You've created your blog. You've got your email newsletter. You've also got your merchandise. Now we'll tie it all together by placing it in your footer and header so website visitors can find the way to get around.

It is recommended not to put each link in your website's header.

It's a great investment in real estate, therefore it's crucial to point customers to the only pertinent websites.

If you're just starting out, I recommend linking your about page, product or service pages, your blog and landing page. When you're adding products, you can also add an affiliate link to your best-known products or any other product they'd like to begin with at the point they're introduced to your company.

The footer is also prime location on your site, and it shows up across every page. You can include links to your top websites and social media channels in this area, as well as the sign-up for your newsletter via email. Add a brief description of your company in the footer, so that users know about what you do and who you are as well as the actions you're taking regardless of which page they land on.

The header will be added to the footer on .

The simple but vital web analytics, domains as well as various other settings for sites

The time has come to put up your gorgeous new site, but there are some technical aspects to be addressed before sharing our website with the world. (I admit, I know you'd hoped there wouldn't be any technical problems, but they don't seem to be that daunting.)

First, your domain. The domain you use is the domain name people enter into search engines to locate your website. The domain name of your website is  or, as an example.

The majority of web builders offer free no-cost subdomain. With , your free subdomain is [yourbusinessname] You are able to customize the settings of your account, and use the free domain for the duration you'd like. It's already linked in your account.

If you're interested in having your own domain name you'll need to purchase the domain name you're looking for from one of the domain registrars like GoDaddy, NameCheap, or Bluehost, and integrate it into your web site.

The platform on the website will provide instructions on how you connect the domain you have purchased with your existing account once you have purchased or registration. Domains are typically priced at around $20 per year.

Most web builders permit the addition of a customized domain to plans with a paid subscription. Connecting a domain of your own to the Starter plan which starts at $4 per month.

Next, analytics. No matter what software you're using for your website, it's a good idea to join Google Analytics so you can monitor the performance of your site and learn more about the audience your site is serving. It's as simple as setting up an account for no-cost Google Analytics account. Google Analytics will provide you with just a single line of code that is inserted into your web application.

It is possible to join Google Analytics in the "Settings" section of the Starter plan as well as the plan with a higher level.

     You can then set up the SEO for your site in general and also set the appearance of your description for your site's favicon, website, and SEO image.

Meta description Description: The meta description you submit should be short, and not longer than two sentences as well as provide a concise overview of the work you do.

The default image will be the one that is displayed on the page preview when the site that you share. It could also display on your site's results of a search. Make a brand-free image using Canva or create your custom logo.

Favicon Look at the tabs that you've opened in your browser. Do you notice the small pictures that appear next to each of them? These are known as Favicons. You can use Canva to create an individual one.

Small details like these can boost the appearance of your site and make it appear more professional. To change these you click on the "Site settings" link located in the lower portion of the editing menu on the left.

7 Step Checklist to Launch Your Website

It's getting close. It's exciting having your own online presence established So take a review of this simple checklist for launching your website prior to spreading the news.

#1 Check your site's URLs: Check the setting for each page of your site (click on the gear that is next to the title of the page in the builder section of your site) and confirm that the URL link is the way you want it be. There are no random letters and numbers. Short and concise. Do not include dates unless the page is time-sensitive. This means that your URLs won't appear outdated when they come up in the near future.

2. Review the descriptions of your websites as well as SEO-related pictures: When you're the process, ensure that you provide a description for your site and SEO image that is appropriate for your website. It can help tell search engines what your page's content is about. This will improve your ranking and make your site appear more professional. style.

3. Examine the buttons: Make sure all the buttons and links are exactly where you would like them to go. While looking through my site's sample, I noticed numerous areas where I'd placed a link which was incorrectly placed So take the time to click every single item.

4 Delete filler text: If you have used the filler wording (like Lorem Issum) eliminate it prior to going live. If you add an extra section on your site, it'll fill in the text to observe what the new section appears as. Make sure you've swapped in your own words or deleted any text that's not being used. There are a lot of websites out there which don't have this feature.

5 Test your website on different gadgets: Pull up your webpage using your mobile device along with your desktop. Make sure to look it up on multiple sizes as you possibly can. Do any of the areas appear shaky? This is the perfect time to fix them.

#6 Read through the entire website with Grammarly or another online proofreader: Grammarly is a free online spelling and grammar checker. It is highly recommended cutting and pasting all the pieces of your content in Grammarly prior to publishing. (Confession time, I just pasted my road trip website information into Grammarly and found some blunders... Make sure to complete this process!)

7. Get feedback from your customers: Lastly, send your website out to your closest friends or family members to hear their thoughts. They will be able to tell you if a page is difficult to read, it's hard to navigate, or a product requires more explanation or is showing up in a funny way on their gadgets. The act of looking at something over and over again can cause us to miss details that other people can spot immediately.

Remember that good is more than perfect. One of the advantages of web sites is the ability to be updated whenever you'd like. If you discover a spelling error next week, you can take a look and correct the error. If you'd like to alter the look on your About page, or you discover that your photo isn't performing your expectations, it's simple to fix it. Don't let your perfectionist tendencies hinder you from starting your own business. Let's get your work put in the public domain.

You have a beautiful professional site. The question is, what do you next?

It wasn't like you thought that you had finished Did you?

Just kidding. Sort of.

Your website is amazing. And that's just the start. There's plenty you can accomplish as a small-scale firm owner with an online presence. Below are some tips to continue expanding your reach and bring your business to the next level.

Make a welcome email for subscribers who are new: Send an automatic welcoming message to new subscribers when they join your email list. It is possible to create this via the "Campaigns" section of your Email tab. ( Step-by-step instructions here )

Test various HTML0 products such as downloads, classes and coaching webinar bundles and more. Consider different online products that could be beneficial for the people you want to reach. Give them a go. ( Read tutorials here )

I'd like to give my appreciation to you for your work in your website. A website's creation is not an easy task, and you've done an amazing job. They're our own extension online And now you're ready to display yours with pride.

In case you're still searching for a home and work, we'd be delighted to host you on . You can create your entire website at no cost, and you can set up your newsletter via email, blog or landing pages as well as digital products too. Sign up for a no-cost account to begin .

This is all there is to it. It's time to impress you, inspire, inform, entertain, and help educate your family members customers, friends and colleagues. You're welcome to have fun!

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