How can you make the first 100 customers you ever get? Tutorials and infographics |

Jul 4, 2024

Take a look at this guide to learn three easy, no-cost and practical marketing methods to get the first 100 customers, and earn a living by pursuing your passion for business.

Are you struggling to get the first customers you can get in the in the

I feel you. I've been there.

It's hard. Soul-crushing, even.

However, when you reach the other side of the side past your initial 100 customers?

That's everything. It's all about finances as well as other areas.

Today, I'll teach you my strategies to achieve my goals and demonstrate how to get your first 100 customers, and the thousands who will follow after them.

Before we get into it, let's take a look over what's preventing your progress at any point.

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The biggest obstacle stands at the feet of most creators

What's the most Achilles' heel for most performers similar to you? Usually, it's marketing.

And who can blame you? Marketing can be an overwhelming task and make you feel overwhelmed.

There are many ways you can explore ( build links to your website, create infographics Try mail marketing and social media ads for example.) however, you're not able to devote enough cash or time, or both.

When it comes to marketing, it is probable that you'll face at least one of these issues:

I'm a creator and not a salesperson!

I'm unsure if have an investment in marketing

There are numerous strategies for marketing, but which is the best one to choose?

We have some great news to share with those of you who are.

The methods discussed won't require for a marketing plan, will cost you a fortune or become too complex to carry out. The only thing you need is the "get your job done!" attitude.

These strategies may not be as effective or effective as paid advertising or SEO do, but they're free, simple, and designed to work, especially during the early days of your online business.

I've tested the strategies I'll present to create 300 new email subscribers to Mapplinks Academy , many of whom turned into paying students and agency clients. Our biggest supporters are on the internet.

The strategies I used also allowed me in identifying our ideal customers as well as the places they frequent and the issues they are. This helped in gaining trial signups to the relatively fresh floral estimate software that is out of New York.

After that is gone now we can get started, shall us?

Marketing strategy #1: Reddit

Reddit is a platform in where you are able to connect with people who share your interests and join tight knit communities centered by a particular area, theme or particular niche.

If you're just beginning and do not know about Reddit is, or aren't interested enough to learn to use it, do so at your own peril. Reddit might be the perfect place to reach your first 100 potential customers.

Don't believe my word about it.

Reddit is listed as number 6 among the top sites across the United States according to Alexa rank (and the 18th most popular site all over the world! ).

So, I've (hopefully) achieved a great job in convincing you of why Reddit isn't to be neglected and what are the best strategies doing to advertise your business through Reddit will help you?

Yes, Reddit can help you by providing the following services:

Be the first to adopt your service/product

You will receive great comments from Redditors who are also your friends (who might become your customers)

Discover which type of individuals are the most open to your offer.

In essence, whether it's figuring out your audience's needs, getting customer feedback as well as inciting sign-ups Reddit is here to help.

What are you able to do to let Reddit be useful to you? The following is a step-by-step instruction:

Identify and make an inventory of 10 subreddits that are relevant to your product or service and then join them.

Engage in conversations with Redditors who are on these subreddits. Comment on their threads or upvote their comments in order to add worth to the subreddits.

It is possible to spend several hours watching these subreddits to discover what type of posts are voted up and the kinds of content you can make a difference.

Write a piece on these subreddits about the product you're selling, as an article or a mention of the item you're selling in response to an article.

It is important to frame the message in a manner that does not sound overly promotional. The message should begin with "Hey Redditors! Here's the thing I'm currently working on" ..." and "Looking to hear your thoughts." Self-promotion can be detected by redditors at a distance, so take care.

As an example, I attempted to obtain participants for our growth hacking free class on Reddit This is what we tried:

We identified a subreddit list where our ideal market/customer probably hangs out (for us we were looking at subreddits such as growthhacking, growthhacking, , r/startups , r/growmybusiness , SideProjects as an example. ).

We truly engaged with fellow Redditors in these subreddits with comments, upvotes and sharing marketing ideas and offering suggestions on their ideas.

We described what we were selling by posting on these subreddits directly in a approach or connecting to our email course indirectly in response to a inquiry.

Then rinse it again.

The result: We signed up 45 new participants to our no-cost course. This isn't bad considering that these signups were no cost.

Beware: Reddit can be harsh and uncaring and especially for self-serving users. Self-promotion is an offence for Redditers. They can scold you to downvote, call you out, and even ban you from Reddit subreddits.

In order to avoid being disqualified or even banned, be sure you're following the guidelines for each subreddit, add worth to discussions, and ensuring that you're advertising your activities in the right places.

My rule of thumb in relation to Reddit advertising: Give 3 times Request once, then give three times.

More information: Reddit marketing How can you self-promote your business through Reddit and boost your traffic

Marketing strategy #2: Quora

( Source )

Quora is an efficient Q&A platform with huge potential, especially if you're operating in a section of. And with an estimated ~80 million users per month (based on the January 2020 Ahrefs data) the platform can have an extensive audience capable of reaching easily.

The Quora question also ranks in the top position on Google page for various keyword phrases, which is a major benefit to those looking to rank in the Google SERPs, without any complicated SEO tasks like creating material that is focused on keywords, building links and ensuring it gets to be ranked.

This is how you can get Quora succeed:

Answer questions asked by users via the site in connection with the service you're offering.

Answer the questions with the level of detail that you think is needed (but not excessively).

Simply introduce your product the customers, and demonstrate your customers how it eases the burdens of your clients as the solution is a click away.

In this case, if I was to advertise the same training in growth hacking as before, I'd look for it on Quora for the term "growth hacking". The question asked :

The next thing to do is to write a perfect answer, which is at least 2x better over the alternatives. The idea is to give away tons of value by your response in such the way that people are eager to learn more about who you are and what is going on.

Your expertise can be a enormous assistance. Find the answer. Make sure to be assertive and critical. Give enough details but don't get to great lengths as you're looking to ensure that, you are able to say that at the end of the day the buyers be impressed by the item that you've created.

The most effective way to go when responding an inquiry is to include enough details so that readers are interested in more. Include a link to your site along with a CTA directing readers on where to find more details. That's all there is to it.

Like the Reddit case It is crucial to keep it simple with the CTA as well as self-promotion.

You should answer Quora often, around every week, and you are likely to start getting signs and traffic in no time. The process is only five minutes per time.

Here's an example of an excellent answer to the inquiry " What is growth hacker marketing? ":

Qora's marketing , if done right, can lead to some quick-wins in terms of increasing sign-ups for trial subscriptions , traffic back to your website, or, building brand awareness.

Below are alternatives to search for the questions you might have the ability to answer on Quora:

Conduct Google search to find questions that the potential customer might ask regarding your products or areas that you are experts in.

You can follow specific topics on Quora which are related to the topic you're doing at the moment.

Answer relevant questions on Quora.

In my experience, I followed the concept that I call "growth hacking" to identify interesting issues to address. In the bar on the right that has been highlighted, there are the other queries that pertain to what you've looked up.

This resulted in 70 signups via email for our email course at no cost in just 4 weeks. These signups to our email course were later converted into paying customers agencies clients along with some enthusiastic fans.

The research was then turned into an ebook that we gave the subscribers to our email newsletter, resulting in greater awareness and leadership in the field of marketing, and also paying students as customers who are looking to us to replicate our Quora success for their own businesses.

Further information: Quora Marketing An overview of how you can benefit from your marketing efforts

The twitter's Advanced Search is a tool Twitter provides you with the ability to sort tweets based on various parameters like locations, keywords, hashtags, etc.

While the advanced search tool existed as a separate webpage prior to its launch however it's now available on the feed of Twitter. This is what Twitter's advanced search looks like:

The great thing about Twitter's advanced search is it lets you narrow down your ideal customers using hashtags, exact phrase matches, and be as precise as time or locations of tweets.

How to utilize Twitter's advanced search features:

Consider the issue this product solves. For instance, you could you could offer an online course to help students learn about new techniques for makeup.

Input queries such as "need new makeup"" "looking to get help on your makeup" or "any new makeup tips" using Twitter's advanced search.

Take an overview of tweets and look at them for patterns such as keywords and hashtags used. This could help you to get more proficient at finding words later.

Respond to tweets that are relevant. Bring worth to the conversation, and gently plug your product in the final sentence.

I have tried this approach when freelancing for a flower-related software from New York. I made use of Twitter advanced search to find details about the issues users face, and also the user's profiles and other. I learned about the subjects florists are tweeting about. Twitter were tweeting about.

But I also used Twitter to locate potential customers for trial. Here's how.

If I do a deep search using the advanced option to identify the people who have used #florists in a hashtag " #florists " in New York, here is the result I came to:

If there were two things I'd alter about this tweet now, I'd likely add worth to the discussion (instead of using the wrong Emoji) and also change it to be less of a promotional.

While this approach didn't result in remarkable outcomes for me personally It's largely dependent on what kind of market you're working in as well as your target audience. seeking to target .

A great example of is a particular area of interest Twitter may be able serve is by the folks from Oberlo that employed "need to makeover their look" as an exact keyword to search for and found these queries :

In the past In the event that your online course aids students in learning the most recent makeup tricks, then sending them tweets with a new makeup tip as well as a link to the online class might be a good strategy to attract some notice.

Why? There is clear intent and the tweets aren't old, and the pain point is evident. Also, take a look at the reactions to the tweets. None.


Set up custom alerts via Twitter and then respond to them at a minimum of 1-2 times every week will bring some initial traction to your business's online creativity.

This guide gives tips on how you can utilize Twitter Advanced Search to zero on the perfect client for you, and to identify the areas of pain for consumers as well as discover opportunities for PR.

Additional reading: How to make use of Twitter Advanced Search - The Ultimate Tutorial

Bonus Strategy #4 Don't be afraid giveaway items for free

The process of convincing someone to purchase from you in your first meeting can be a challenge and deceitful. They have no previous experience, so they might not be able to trust you. Yet.

The most effective way to increase revenues is to offer something to potential customers as a reward for receiving a complimentary item. Examples:

If you're selling an premium ebook on how to become freelance, you could publish an ebook with a brief overview of the errors to avoid making the transition to freelance, and give the tips below at no cost.

It's as easy as:

Offering a lower cost entry through a free trial or giveaway (a mini-course is a good instance) greatly increases your chances of getting free sign-ups as well as trials (these customers are more likely to purchase your products once they realize your value proposition offering).

Informationgraphic: The complete guide to landing your very first 100 clients

Created by our good friends at Venngage The infographic & the creator of timelines.

Making money online isn't hard (and does not have to cost a lot)

Like I mentioned before, with so many different ways to market, it's not really a matter of "I don't have any knowledge about the basic concepts of marketing" it's more of "Which marketing techniques do I need to start with?"

This is a summary of every marketing strategy I've previously described and what you should go about it to put them into practice:

Reddit. Engage in genuine conversations on subreddits. Slowly reveal what you're doing.

The Answering the Quora. Answer questions related to your area of expertise or your area of expertise. Define the capabilities of your product and the way it can help your clients solve their problems.

Twitter Advanced Search. Use advanced Twitter search tools to find out those who demand of the services you offer. And then give it to those people.

I'm hoping that this post provided you with a straightforward way to approach marketing your company that's creative.

Like any other marketing strategy, there will come a time when the strategy isn't working as it did previously.

If that happens with my methods, take a take a look at some other marketing websites to discover newer methods to market that you can explore. Continue until you have 100 of your first clients.

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