26 ways to increase the value of your membership site

Jul 4, 2024

A good set of tools can make a an enormous difference in the amount of time and money. These tools will help you quickly grow your membership site, beginning with the creation of content to managing.

You know that creating the website for membership is not a problem to your organization.

There are various platforms and tools available that choosing which direction you want to go is overwhelming.

There's no moment to check every single one.

We've got 26 options to explore So, with no delays we're ready to get going.

Tools for editing and recording videos


CloudApp is a screen recording application that works on Mac and Windows. Use it to screen record and save your video in either format video or GIF. It is also possible to record using the webcam.

Add annotations to your GIFs so that your message can be more easily understood.

CloudApp is free for up to 90 seconds. Pro is the plan. Pro cost $9.95 each month. .


Record right from your web browser with Loom. It is possible to record screen-based or webcam record or both at the same time.

Loom is a simple to record option, and is ideal for videos with a short duration.

Loom offers a free service for video clips that last up to 5 minutes. The Business plan costs only $8 per month (paid annually).


Kapwing is a web-based video editor. It allows you to select and decide the tasks you want to accomplish, such as changing the video's size or including subtitles .

It's ideal when you don't require an entire video editor and you just need to alter one aspect prior to releasing your video.

Kapwing has a demo version available that allows up to 3 hours of videos per month. If you require additional footage, you are able to upgrade the Pro plan at one-time payment of $17 per month .


Apowersoft is a screen editor and recorder that is available for Windows, Mac, and the iOS and Android platforms.

Combine media files from multiple sources and then edit them. Add music, vocals and captions. and more.

Apowersoft costs $59.95 annually to purchase the entire version. The editor can be purchased for a single price of $29.95 annually. There is also the option to try it without cost.


OpenShot is an open source video editor that can be employed by users of Linux, Mac, and Windows.

It is simple to operate. OpenShot is extremely adaptable. You can make complex video clips with multiple track audio as well you'd like. There's an array of effects to choose such as removing background images to animating.

OpenShot can be used for free.


FilmoraPro FilmoraPro can be described as a sophisticated and intuitive video editor and recorder that is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. It also has a mobile version for editing at the touch of one button.

The features it offers include music editing and green screen effects and many more.

FilmoraPro includes the trial version but it has the watermark. The cost for the lifetime of FilmoraPro will be $149.99 which is $89.99 annually .

HitFilm Express

If you're looking for a video and visual effects editor, there's nothing more powerful than this one: HitFilm Express .

The program is great for those who have experience. Additionally you can find no-cost masterclasses and tutorials that can aid beginners with their education.

Download and use for free and use, it is possible to purchase add-ons for the application.

Equipment for recording audio


WavePad is described as an audio professional recording and editing software for Mac.

It is also possible to apply effects, such as the amplification of sound as well as noise reduction. This can be useful if you're making music or podcasts for members of your organization.

There are a variety of plans that are paid starting at $5.50 each month with the plan of a quarterly.


Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder available for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux as well as different operating systems.

Download the files or stream live stream on your personal computer. Edit the stream and include effects including echos, noise cancellation and more.

Audacity is available for download and install.

Design Tools


Canva includes a drag & drop editor, as well as a huge selection of template, and download choices. This takes the hassle out of your design work.

There's a no-cost plan available. The Pro plan is $12.99 each month .


If you're in the market for informational graphics and reports to help promote your website's membership and membership website, you'll surely be pleased by Venngage .

Create a brand kit to accelerate your creativity and create quickly materials for your membership site.

Venngage is free to use with up to five photos. Its price for the premium package is $9/month for each user.

Email marketing

If you are looking to create email newsletters, without needing to study for hours about how to do it, then this guide is for those who are.

Have a look at this clip to find out additional details about the procedure.


Emailchimp is an innovative email marketing system designed for professional marketers. Create landing pages, advertisements on social media as well as pop-ups, all from the same place. Comprehensive analytics, templates and automated tools result in an all-rounder that is powerful.

It is also possible to test A/B your email messages. It is done by testing the two versions of an email and see what one is the most effective. For example, they could contain different subject lines or CTAs.

The capabilities of Mailchimp are especially suited to businesses selling e-commerce products, because it can track the return on investment of each email (ROI) in live date and.

Mailchimp is completely free for more than 2 000 contacts. However, if you wish to make the most of its features including A/B tests Prices start with $9.99 each month up to 500 contacts.

Posts on social media


Buffer is an application to schedule social media posts that will help you plan and publishing your content to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In contrast to other scheduling applications, it is possible to directly publish to Instagram as well as Facebook and Facebook, in addition to Instagram Stories.

The interface of users for Buffer is user-friendly and simple to use. Buffer provides powerful analytics as well as ways to engage users.

Buffer is free for up to three social media accounts as well as 10 scheduled posts. The cost starts at 15 dollars per month . Its optional analytics tool starts with a cost of $35.


Hootsuite is described as a versatile social media tool that lets you locate and schedule your content in one location. With a multi-stream system it is possible to see at a glance the content you've scheduled.

Make sure you are aware of your postings and topics, as well as your competition by using Hootsuite's Monitor function.

Pricing plans begin with the low of $49 per month for at least 10 accounts on social media.

Editorial content management


CoSchedule can manage all of your content-related projects in one calendar: from post on social media to member posts and more. In-app, you can create campaigns on social media to promote every item of content you create.

CoSchedule is compatible with WordPress, Google Docs, Dropbox and various marketing and email platforms.

Pricing starts at $29 a month when paid on a monthly basis or $39 in a month-by-month installment.


Airtable is a robust spreadsheet that lets you organize and work on project. You can also create content calendars. Create, schedule and monitor the performance of your publications.

There are a myriad of templates to choose from which you can use to build an editorial calendar that is ideal for your website for members.

The free plans of Airtable include as many as 1,200 records. If you need more records, the paid plans begin with just $10 per month .

In the past, we've discussed the process of developing and marketing your web site for members, but a important aspect is missing from the discussion: How do you maintain and manage your membership.

Video conferencing


Zoom is among the best-known video conferencing software available and with a good reason. It's simple to download and use on any device. It also has great options like break rooms that can be used for small discussion groups.

Zoom is a great tool for managing the management of events such as workshops, webinars and gatherings. It handles registrations for your events and also integrates with your automated tools and CRM.

Zoom is available for free group meetings of up to 40 minutes. If you require more time, it's worth upgrading into the Pro plan, which costs $149.90 for the year. For video webinars, the plan is $690 a year.

Google Meet

Are you afraid to download or install any program? Then Google Meet is your solution in the browser. Just by clicking the button, you are able to create or plan virtual events that can accommodate as many as 100 participants.

However, just because it's simple to setup isn't a guarantee that it's secure. Your responsibility is to determine who has access to the area and you can also be able to mute or remove people, in the event of need.

Google Meet is free to utilize.



Slack is a messaging tool that helps keep your customers in touch.

With Slack, you are able to create channels that are specifically dedicated to subjects (for instance, a job Board channel).

Easily connect Slack to your database of users as well as various other applications like Zoom along with Google Meet.

The free plan is available to use Slack however, if you want additional integrations, you can select the Pro plan at $6.67 each month by person. .


Discord is a group chat system designed specifically for communities. Utilize a combination of videos and text, as well as the voice to talk about topics.

Another excellent option is the option of "voice channels" which allow people to drop in to talk with each other in real time. This makes the virtual world appear more real real life.

Discord is available for use at no cost.


Discourse is an open discussion platform that is open source. It could be used for an email list, an online forum or chat room.

Discourse is a internet browser designed to run on every device.

It's completely free to use. If you want to customize the site, you could purchase hosting at 100 dollars monthly. It is possible to get a discount that is 50% for non-profit organizations in addition to 15% off for educational institutions.

Customer service


Intercom can be the best option if you're seeking a customer support software which focuses on live chat.

Intercom has a wide range of features. You can manage many chats, create bots and also collect visitor's contact information. Additionally, you are able to set up a help centre as well as give information about your membership.

The prices start with $59 a month for live chat basic along with outbound calls.


Zendesk Zendesk HTML0 can be an effective customer control of service. Provide support to your clients throughout their entire journey by allowing them to send a tweet or dial a number.

Track, prioritize and categorize the messages you receive in your email to ensure that there's no missed opportunity for your customer.

Suite Team is a plan that costs $49 per month. The Suite Team plan costs only $49 per month .


Google Analytics

To learn more about the actions of your staff and potential clients better, make use of Google Analytics .

Google Analytics is free to utilize.

Facebook Pixel

If you're using Facebook advertisements to promote your membership website, you'll want to use your Facebook Pixel to monitor your performance. It's a snippet of code you incorporate into your website which will inform people who visit your site what happens when they click your advert.

Facebook Pixel is free.

You must be aware of the tools which are important

It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the websites offering membership options; that's why we've focused on the essential services. The tools we've listed in this post can have a a huge impact on your company's success.

If you want to build a site that is successful with members This is a checklist of what you need to know:

One of the most important aspects to creating an effective membership website is the creation of relevant content that your members will appreciate. Tools can aid you with making the material you need, regardless of whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out in the field.

Take time to plan your marketing with tools that automate your messages and help you manage your calendar.

Build your community using strategies which are focused on getting active with your members. This could be through discussion groups, meetings or even A+ support for customers.

When you've settled on your decision All you have to do is put them into practice and see the effect that you will see in the growth of your business. You can do it!

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